Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Fall already!

I meant to get pictures of Kash when he was 6 months old.....well needless to say after trying to decide where to go to get them.  We ended up finally getting some.  Our photographer Emily Herbert did awesome and we loved the.  She suggested we do some of the family too.  So we got a bunch of the kids and of all of us too.  Love love love them and so glad that we were able to have a great evening to do them and some pretty good cooperation from Kash and Kalli.

 Here's some of my favorites although there were so many that I ended up choosing just a few! 

 Kash was 9 months in these pictures. Such a cutie!  And kind of a little monster too:)  He's into everything! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter time

Well I think I feel like I'm always trying to keep up with the little ones.  Kash is crawling now and wants to be in EVERYthing!  Kalli loves that it's warm outside and wants to be out every moment she can.  If dad leaves to go outside without her she's scrambling to look for her boots.  Pretty cute.  The other day was priceless.  We were looking at horses and Leland had his arms crossed and she kept checking on him to see what he was doing while he was talking to this guy.  So I told him to change what he was doing and he put his hands on his hips and sure enough within about 15 sec. she had her hands on her hips.  So cute!  She's been being a little copy catter lately so we really have to watch what she's doing!  Her latest is "dang it" about everything.  Which surely is better than what it could be, but I'm wondering how many times she's going to say it tomorrow in nursery. 
 Easter was great, Kalli had the hang of gathering up all the easter eggs and candy. Luckily she wasn't crazy about it and fighting for them, but just had a good old time filling her basket.

Our first easter egg hunt was with Abbie and Haley's work!  What a riot!  Very fun!

Then we had one at the Lewisville park.  Tons of little kids and tons of fun!

and pictures with the Easter Bunny!

 Pretty sure the morning easter egg hunt at our house is on the other camera, so someday I'll have to get them downloaded.  It was pretty fun, to watch Kalli.  Pretty sure Kash slept through the Easter egg hunt.

Kash in his new Easter church outfit,  What a cutie!  So smiley!

It's so hard to get a good picture of them both looking and not pulling faces, but here's one of them both in their Easter dresses and suit.  One of the first nice days outside! 

 Then came the Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Barney's.  Very fun!  Hope we can keep doing this every year, all the grandkids loved and everyone else was pretty entertained!

 Kate and Kalli hunting together!

 We got to go to the temple when Teshia got married, Kalli got to stay and watch a movie in the car with Kara and Melissa while we were in the temple.  And when we were done got her to pose. 
a good "I'm going there someday" picture
 Hanging out with cousins at the reception

 Leland had to work, but I got to go with the little ones to Twin Falls for Nick's graduation from nursing school.  Got to see the Falls and they were beautiful.  Full of water with all the extra water we're having this spring.
Trying to get Kalli and Kash to pose together, didn't quite work, but a good memory

Another attempt 

Congratulations Nick!  Way to go!

Looking forward to a fun summer.  So glad it's finally warm and we've been able to hang out outside sometimes.  Need to get the garden started, Nick borrowed a big tiller and got the big job done, yeah, thanks again.  Now need to start getting things planted.  Our latest adventure has been to find a minivan.  Yes had to breakdown for convenience and get the dreaded minivan. Grrr, I know those that have them love them, but I swore I'd never.  But the alero was dying and just felt like getting a little car wouldn't be as convenient as the minivan, so I guess we'll see how it goes.  Leland already had a few calls from his coworkers making fun of him, but oh well.  We decided tinting the front windows may be a good idea.  Hahaha.  I know it's not that big of deal, and we'll probably fall in love with it.
Leland just got a new position at his job and now is the new West side deputy.  Hopefully it will be a move that he will like and it will be all good.  It does give him more flexibility with his schedule, but also makes him on call all the time on his four days off.  
Guess that's probably most of the latest news.  Need to get some kids to bed, before it gets even later.  Church tomorrow and they should have been in bed long ago.

Happy Summer!  Hope to see you camping!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jammie time

Well why I'm at it tonight might as well add jammie time.  Plus it's easier to do while they are sleeping...I was saying Kash is so good, but he was not liking me doing this while he was awake. He wanted to be right in the middle of it and no toys were making him happy.  Mostly he just needed to go to sleep.  But he was much happier when I was paying attention to him.  We just went in for his 6 month appointment last week and he was 18 lb. 2 oz.  6o something percentile with his weight and I can't remember his height but he's in the 80th percentile with that.  Not sure where he got his height?  He doing great and impressed Dr. Edwards with all he's doing.  Sitting up all by his big boy self.  Now he's starting to get mobile and reaching all over for things and trying to pull himself up. 

Kalli loves her little brother. 

Kalli's "cheese"

Kalli gives good kisses. Kash looks a little worried :) 

Big grins

Of course I can't get both of them to look at the camera at the same time and grin

This one of Kash is priceless and Kalli's all cheesers

Sleepy time.  They are out and mommy should get that way too!

A little catching up

Once again it's been forever since I've updated this.  Couldn't believe it was still Halloween stuff when I look on here last.  Way past due for and update and I know I'm missing a ton of stuff.  But here's a little bit of what's been going on. 

A few weeks ago we went swimming at Green Canyon.  Alex and Whitney's cousins Kelsey and Kinnley went too and Abbie, Brock and Haley.  Fun Fun.  Kalli had a bunch of fun in her little life jacket swim suit, but got a little too dareful at times.  Kash loved just lounging in the little floaty.  They both seem to love the water....hopefully they will swim like their daddy and not sink like mommy :)
Kinnley chilling with Kash

Alex and Kash

A few pictures of Kash back in February I think it was.  He was just starting to really smile a lot.  Soo cute!

With his pillow from Grandma Barney

Cute cute!  He's such a good baby!  Hanging out in his pj's with daddy!

Kalli's 2nd birthday!  Holy cow hard to believe it's been that long.  Grandpa Barney had surgery the same day so we met everyone at Perkins that night so we could all visit him too. 

She even blew out her candle!

Ben helping her unwrap her little doodle board.  Can't remember what they are called, but she loves to draw on it. 

Her new boots!  She loves them, probably too much.  We got them a size too big thinking that she would be able to wear them for the fair.  Pretty sure she might have them worn out before then.

Good times, thanks everyone for coming!

Showing off one of Grandma's babies she was making while waiting for Grandpa to get out of surgery.  They are cute cute!

Riding her horsey to see Grandpa

Grandpa and Kash!  Kalli was too scared of everything on the hospital bed to pose with Grandpa

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome Kash

We are so excited to have Kash here.  I ended up working Sunday and by the end of the shift the contractions had started.  For so long I had wondered if what I was having before was contractions, but these were regular and seemed pretty obvious.  So I headed down to labor and delivery to see what their thoughts were on it.  I ended up being in labor and at 3:35 Kash was born.  The first epidural didn't and I may be a wimp, but thank heavens the second one did.  I guess if I had some other form of pain medicine I might have been ok, but holy cow those contractions hurt when I was waiting to see if it was working.  The second epidural was bliss and everything was much better then. 

He was 8 lb. 9 oz. and 21 inches long.  So as far as weight literally almost twice as big as Kalli was.  Maybe it was from him being my second or I'm not sure, but it was a little more tender of a recovery than it was with Kalli.  He's four weeks old today and I think we are finally figuring things out together.  Kalli loves her little brother and is always wanting to feel his hair and touch his face and tries to give him his pacifier all the time, whether he's sleeping or not.  She finally isn't stealing his anymore, well not that much, but she has seemed to find comfort in her thumb and has started sucking it.  Grrr.  Never before really ever did, guess it's her little thing since she has to have the attention shared now. We've given in a little and let her keep on of the pacifiers around thinking it will be easier to take that away than to chop off her thumb. 

He's a cutie with lots of dark brown hair, opposite of all Kalli's blonde hair that she was born with.  When he finally goes to sleep at night he sleeps pretty good, but half the time he won't lay down so we have to figure something else out and he's ended up sleeping on our chests a bunch as we fall asleep trying to get him to sleep.  We are so excited he's here and safe and healthy and that we got to come right home with him.  Yeah! 

Kalli loves him bunches and is so funny.  She likes to make the sound he does when he eats and always goes up in his face saying Hi!